English menuAll prices in Euro


Tender spare ribs
with BBQ sauce, cole slaw salad and baguette     19,70

Chicken day
1/2 crispy roast chicken with chips or salad     12,70

Beef roulade
with red cabbage and dumplings     19,80

Beforehand, Healthy & Delicious

Soup of sun ripened tomatoes
with pesto and herb baguette    6,60

Pot of homemade Goulash Soup
with fresh Alm bread    9,60

Hearty Chicken Broth
with egg garnish, lots of vegetables and fresh Alm bread    5,50

Hearty Pea Soup
with bockwurst and fresh Alm bread    8,60

Spinach dumplings
with melted butter and parmesan shavings     10,90

Snack Basket
various bread and bakery products with three different dips    8,90

5 Camembert "Minis"
crispy baked
served with baguette, butter and cranberries     10,50

Hearty Obazda
with two pretzels     7,20

Potato and chicken bowl
large jacket potato with sour cream, served with fresh garden salad
with balsamic dressing and fried chicken breast strips     16,80

King Ludwig Salad
garden fresh leaf salad2,3,5 with balsamic dressing and baguette     9,80
+ fried chicken breast strips     15,80
+ falafel and hummus     17,50


Please plan a little more time on weekends, due to the large number of guests your meal can take up to an hour.
To shorten the waiting time we recommend an appetizer in advance like our snack basket or a tarte flambée, ideal for sharing.

Hearty Treats

Spinach Tarte Flambée
topped with sour cream, spinach, onions, tomatoes and cheese    11,20

Tarte Flambée “Traditional Style”
with sour cream, bacon and onions2,3,5    10,90

Meat Ball
with braised onions, mashed potatoes and creamy savoy cabbage     17,20

Alm curry sausage5 with french fries    12,20

Cheese Spaetzle
with mountain cheese and fried onions     11,50

Mountain Farmer Cutlet2,3,5
– The favourite dish of our guests –
pork cutlet with braised onions, bacon and fried egg, served with hearty fried potatoes    23,50

Huntsman style Pork cutlet
with creamy mushrooms and french fries    20,50

Viennese style Pork cutlet
with french fries     18,50

Farmer’s Bratwurst
with creamed savoy cabbage and fried potatoes     16,20

Crispy fried fish
served with remoulade, mashed potatoes and cucumber salad with sour cream dressing     14,90

Salmon Fillet
with gratinated herb bread crust, mashed potatoes and cucumber salad
with sour cream dressing     24,80


We recommend to go with it:
Crispy garden salad
seasonal salads with balsamic dressing    4,50

Something Juicy from the Grill & Burger

Juicy Rump Steak 250 g
medium  roasted
served with herb butter, crispy baguette and french fries     33,50

pepper steak 250 g
medium roasted
tender rump steak with pepper sauce, served with cole slaw salad
and fried potatoes     34,90


Crunchy Chicken Burger
with crispy chicken breast, sweet chilli sauce, lettuce, tomato, rocket,
red onions and burger sauce     13,90

Cheeseburger – Hearty & Delicious
beef in rustic bun, burger sauce, salad, gherkins, red onions, bacon and cheese     15,20


Side dishes

Portion of fried potatoes or French fries     3,90
Mushroom or pepper sauce     2,50
Stewed onions     1,50
Steak sauce     1,50
Garden-fresh leaf salad with balsamic dressing     4,50
Cucumber salad with sour cream dressing     3,50
Cole slaw salad     3,50
Mayonnaise and ketchup     0,50


Unfortunately, changes and reorders are not feasible on the weekend, this upsets the kitchen flow and prolongs the waiting times.
Thank you for your understanding.

Something sweet

Eggnog on ice cream
Chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, hazelnut ice cream, egg liqueur,
chocolate sauce, ice cream cone and whipped cream     8,90

Joghurette cup
Yoghurette, strawberry, vanilla ice cream, Yogurette chocolate,
fruit sauce, crispy pearls and whipped cream     8,90

Mixed sundae
two scoops of ice cream with whipped cream     5,20

Choice of ice cream:
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry and hazelnut

Kaiserschmarrn in a glass
Plum and cinnamon compote, Kaiserschmarrn ice cream,
Kaiserschmarrn and whipped cream     9,20

from the butter pan with sultanas and roasted plums     11,20

Oven-fresh apple strudel
with vanilla sauce and whipped cream     8,20

Kids menu

with mayonnaise and ketchup    3,80

Alm Öhi
2 sausages with chips     6,80

beef burger in bread bun with tomato, gherkin
served with chips, ketchup and mayonnaise     8,50

Nuggets plate
5 chicken nuggets with chips     7,50

served with apple puree and vanilla sauce     6,50

Ice monster
2 scoops of ice cream of your choice with whipped cream
and children's chocolate     4,50

Choice of ice cream:
chocolate, nut, vanilla, strawberry and raspberry


All children's dishes are served with mayo and ketchup.

We only serve children's meals to children.



"Prosecco on the rocks"
Vino frizzante, ital. Sparkling wine
0,2 l    7,20   |   0,75 l     25,00

Dorf Alm sparkling wine "Seitensprung"     0,75 l     29,50

Aperol Spritz     0,2 l     7,80

Raspberry gin liqueur with Wild Berry     0,2 l     7,80

Aperitivo Rosato "Bella
with Wild Berry     0,2 l     7,80

Hot Drinks

Glass of tea     3,60
Chamomile, Peppermint, Verbena, Rooibos-Vanilla, Red Berries, Lemon Sky
Green tea, English Breakfast, Darjeeling

Hot lemon freshly squeezed     4,80

Cup of coffee     3,00

Pot of coffee     5,00

Cappuccino     3,90

Latte Macchiato     3,90

Coffee with milk    4,20

Espresso, Espresso macchiato     2,50

Hot chocolate with cream     4,20

Mulled wine | Grog | Jagertee     4,90

Irish coffee     6,50

Mulled wine & more: seasonal

Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Juices

Table water     0,3 l     2,90

Waldecker Gourmet still or medium
0,25 l     3,00   |   0,75 l     7,50

Schweppes Bitter Lemon | Ginger Ale
0,2 l     3,50

Thomas Henry Tonic Water
0,2 l     3,50

Coca Cola | Sprite | Fanta
0,3 l     3,60

Coca Cola Zero
0,2 l     3,40

Effect Energy     0,25 l     3,60

Original Almdudler     0,35 l     4,00

Iced Tea     0,25 l     3,60

Veltins draught soda
Lemon, Elderberry, Mango-Passion fruit or Cola-Orange
0,33 l     3,80

Lütts Landlust juice spritzers
Rhubarb or Johanna
0,33 l     3,80

Orange juice | Apple juice | Apple spritzer
Banana juice | Cherry nectar | Cherry-Banana
0,25 l     3,40


Veltins Pils
Maisel's Weisse Original
0,3 l     3,80   |   0,5 l     5,80

Grevensteiner naturally cloudy
Bayreuther Dark
0,3 l     3,80

Maisel's Weisse Original dark
0,5 l     5,80

Maisel's Weisse non-alcoholic
0,5 l     5,40

Veltins non-alcoholic
Veltins Radler non-alcoholic
0,33 l     3,80

Wines On Tap & Bottled Wines

Göbel's Forster Pinot Blanc, QbA dry
A wine with low acidity, light and sparkling
0,2 l     7,20  |  0,75 l     26,00

Göbel's Forster Chardonnay, QbA dry
A soft wine, floral and fragrant in flavour
0,2 l     7,20  |  0,75 l     26,00

Göbel's Forster Merlot, QbA dry
A berry and full-bodied red wine
0,2 l     7,20  |  0,75 l     26,00

Göbel's Forster Dornfelder, QbA semi-dry
A deep dark wine with clear flavours of cherries
0,2 l     7,20  |  0,75 l     26,00

Scheurebe, late harvest, sweet
Winery Keth, Rheinhessen
with flavours of cassis, grapefruit, lychee and passion fruit,
a hint of herbs and floral accents
0,2 l     7,20  |  0,75 l     26,00

WINDROSÈ, off-dry quality wine
Ellermann-Spiegel winery - Palatinate
The rosé is light and delicate and brings the wonderful fruity flavours of the red wines of strawberry,
raspberry and red currant, raspberry and redcurrant.
0,2 l     7,20  |  0,75 l     26,00

Dorf Alm Edition
Pinot Gris - Winery Emil Bauer
dry - soft - fruity
Full-bodied and a very harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity.
In the mouth it has flavours of pear, dried fruit and citrus fruits.
Goes well with a quiet day by the fire or a cosy evening with friends.
0,75 l     32,50


Moët Impérial
lively, generous, seductive, fruity, elegant maturity
0,75 l     99,00

Moët Ice Impérial
intense, fruity, fresh, elegant maturity
0,75 l     135,00   |   1,5 l     265,00   |   3,0 l     999,00

Moët Rosé Impérial
spontaneous, fruity, radiant, passionate
0,75 l     120,00   |   1,5 l     230,00

Moët Ice Rosé Impérial
strong, fruity, sweet, full-bodied, bittersweet, elegant maturity
0,75 l     145,00   |   1,5 l     285,00

After The Meal - Bitters, Herbs, Sweets, Brandies

Schierker Flintstone | Killepitsch | Jägermeister | Kuemmerling | Ramazotti | Fernet | Asbach     2 cl     3,30

Apricot or Hazelnut     2 cl     3,30

Walcher Rum Hazelnut     2 cl     4,80

Wacholder | Ouzo | Maltese Aquavit | Williams | Korn | Enzian | Berlin Luft     2 cl     3,30

Baileys on the rocks | Elderberry Liqueur | Sambuca | Red Genever     2 cl     3,30

Liquor with ...

Apricot brandy with apricot
Raspberry brandy with raspberries
Williams with pear
Vodka with fig
2 cl     3,80

Tequila silver, Tequila gold
2 cl     3,50

red vodka with energy
2 cl     3,80

"Flying Hirsch"
Jägermeister with Energy
2 cl     4,80


Asbach Cola | Bacardi Cola
Havana Club Cola | Gin Tonic
Jack Daniel's Cola | Jägermeister Energy
Jim Beam Cola | Pernod Cola
Southern Comfort Apfelsaft oder Cola | Osborn Veterano Cola
Wodka Lemon | Wodka Energy
Korn Cola | Korn Fanta
Captain Morgan Cola | Ballantine's Cola

4 cl     8,50